Visiting the Raptors in Duncan, BC

Falcon with handler at the Raptors Centre in Duncan, BC

Last month, the girls and I joined some fellow homeschoolers to visit the Raptors in Duncan, BC. No, we weren’t at a sporting event, as many people assumed when I mentioned the name. We got to see real, life Raptors—the winged, clawed type. We’ve often seen the sign for the Raptors when driving up-island, so […]

Salmon Run at Goldstream

Salmon spawning at Goldstream Park

It’s salmon spawning season at Goldstream Park! We headed out there twice last week to watch the fish (once with Sunshine’s homeschool group and once with Lily’s preschool). Thinking back, I realized this has been an annual event for us since we moved here. We went last year with Sunshine’s Kindergarten and the two years […]

BC Chicken Farmers visit Save-on-Foods

BC Chicken Farmers at Save-on-Foods

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to drop by a Victoria Save-on-Foods store to meet local chicken farmers Luke and Amanda. Coming from a farming family, I was excited to chat with some Island farmers. I found Luke and Amanda near the meat department, handing out samples of cooked, marinated chicken, along with recipes and […]