31 Days to a Happy Husband: Intro

31 Days to a Happy Husband

Last year, when I saw a blogger participating in the Nester’s 31-day blog challenge for October, I thought, “That’s a lot of writing and blogging.” Then I thought, “I wonder what I could write about.” The idea that popped into my head was marriage, and over the next few weeks, ideas began trickling in, even [...]

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A fridge full of photo magnets

I love the convenience of my digital camera. I can take as many pictures as I want, without worrying about running out of film or wasting film by taking a bad picture. I can view the pictures instantly, without having to wait for the film to develop. However, it also means that often, the only [...]

Rosina, the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe

Rosina the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe

Jessica Kluthe’s debut book Rosina, the Midwife grabbed me for three reasons. First, it’s about a midwife, and after having midwives for two of my daughters’ births, I love all things midwife. Second, it’s about Jessica’s family, and I’ve also thought about tracing and writing about my own family, so I was curious to see [...]