Perfect Threads: Like-New Kids’ Clothes

Buy like-new kids clothes at Perfect Threads

We’ve been blessed to receive a wealth of hand-me-down clothes for our girls over the past years. My sister-in-law’s daughters are just a bit older (and bigger) than our daughters, so she has often passed along boxes of outgrown shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes. Other friends at church or school have offered us second-hand clothes [...]

Sarah’s Choice by Nancy Rue and Rebecca St. James

Sarah's Choice by Nancy Rue and Rebecca St. James

After reading The Merciful Scar last year, I knew I’d read anything Nancy Rue and Rebecca St. James wrote together. They are a powerhouse writing team and their newest book, Sarah’s Choice, didn’t disappoint me. While I personally identified with the protagonist’s struggles in The Merciful Scar more than in Sarah’s Choice, I applaud the [...]

KBW’s Blogging Process

The Koala Bear Writer's blogging process (and #BlogHer14 buddies)

This summer marks eights years as a blogger for me, and I’m excited about everything I’ve learned in those eight years. The last couple of years I’ve put a lot of effort into my blog and seen a lot of growth. This year, I finally did a custom site design (which I LOVE!) and I’m [...]