Day 23: The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted

The Marriage You've Always Wanted by Dr. Gary Chapman

I’ve mentioned Dr. Gary Chapman a few times in writing this series. He is one of my favorite marriage experts because he gives straight-shooting, practical marriage advice. He recently released a new book, The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted, which I’ve been reading this month (and stealing quotes from). It’s a slender book, yet as usual, [...]

Day 22: Nourish Yourself

31 Days to a Happy Husband: Day 22 - Nourish Yourself

Last week, I started swimming again with a friend of mine. Twice a week, we put the kids to bed and then meet at the pool to swim laps for 45-minutes before “boiling” ourselves in the hot tub. Occasionally, we grab a quick coffee afterwards at McDonald’s (the other coffee shops in town shut down [...]

Day 21: Surprise Your Husband!

The Perfect Pair Christmas ornament

My husband loves surprises. Over the years, we’ve planned a lot of surprises for each other, from surprise birthday parties to theatre tickets to balloons on trucks. If he knows that I’m planning a date, he often asks, “Is it a surprise?” So one easy way that I can make him happy is to plan [...]